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Блоги Советы:

Write the Best Possible Content even if it is not every day

Writing often is advice that most bloggers come across on other sites. Причина, почему он популярен совет в связи с тем, что он основан на предположении, что размещение часто показывает, что вы полны решимости, что вы делаете. This results in visitors and readers coming back to your blog to see and read about what you’re up to. Posting too often may sometimes have the opposite effect. Visiting a blog for the second time, readers might be looking for the same post to re-read or something similar. Forcing your readers to go through a bunch of new posts, 1, 2 sometimes 3 a day might be a deterring factor. In these cases I will just use a search engine to find what I am looking for. Furthermore, the 2nd and 3rd posts of the day are usually of lesser quality due to writers fatigue and therefore less interesting. Instead of posting several times a day just post once a day or just whenever you think you have something interesting or useful to write about. Put some thought in your posts, give your readers a reason to come back and always avoid bombarding them with clutter. Focus your effort on a few good topics.

Optimize your Blog for Search Engines

Most bloggers out there start blogging the wrong way. After they start blogging they do so by relying primarily on social networks for traffic. Social network traffic is great but it rarely converts into money. The best traffic to make money is search engine traffic. A blogging tip everyone should get a chance to read and re-read is that search engine traffic will be the most profitable kind. Хотя социальные сети - это простой способ создать трафик, вы всегда должны тратить некоторое время, чтобы убедиться, что ваш блог и посты правильно оптимизированы для хорошо ранжирования в страницах результатов поисковой системы.,Займите несколько часов в неделю и выполните несколько запланированных и простых задач поисковой оптимизации,Блог SEO.,В вашем блоге,Убедитесь, что ваши названия имеют отношение к вашей теме,Убедитесь, что вы ссылаетесь на ваши ключевые слова темы по всему сообщениям,и убедитесь, что вы пометиете ваши сообщения правильно,Также убедитесь, что переполните ваши сообщения со старыми рекормированными сообщениями,Всегда используйте ключевые слова, которые вы заинтересованы в рейтинге высокой, и сохраняют эти ключевые слова, концентрированные вокруг конкретной темы,С других сайтов,Получите как можно больше входящих ссылок с якорем, как вы можете,многие я имею в виду тысячи. Take a few hours a week and perform a few scheduled and simple search engine optimization tasks.

Blogging SEO

In your blog
Make sure your titles are relevant to your topic, make sure you refer to your topic keywords throughout your posts, and make sure you tag your posts properly. Also make sure to interlink your posts with older relevant posts. Always use keywords you are interested in ranking high for and keep these keywords concentrated around a specific topic.

From other sites
Get as many one way inbound links with anchor text as you can; by many I mean thousands. Think of your site or your blog as a property you acquired in the country side. After you start building you will need to make a road, get it hooked up with power and so one. Backlinks are the essentials your blog or site will need to prosper. Don’t only rely on other bloggers to link to you. Create backlinks to your blog by submitting articles in databases. Write a few 500 word articles on similar topics you write about in your blog, add back links with ancor text and start submitting. Ideally you should submit a few articles to thousands of directories for every post you write. There is software available to help you do this. Do the same thing for every post. You can easily create thousands of one way links your blog and particular posts in less than a few hours.

Social bookmarking also works great for this purpose. Make sure you get your posts bookmarked at as many bookmarking sites as possible.
Once a week or once every two weeks, use Google Webmaster Tools and see which posts of yours showed up in search engine result pages. Go back to them and optimize them. Add more keywords, make the title catchier, tag them better or even elaborate on certain things you wrote and think will help them rank better in searches.

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